Warren Traeger Licensing Manager of Battersea Dogs & Cats home gave us a tour and showed us their lifestyle product range...


Friday 6th May 2022 -  Summer Conference Pitcher Interviewer

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Yesterday B&RUK was invited by Warren Traeger Licensing Manager of Battersea Dogs and Cats home to a special partners summit at Battersea HQ, to see their new product ranges which included a heartfelt behind the scenes tour of the rehabilitation centre. 

The Point 1888 who are UK licensing agents for Battersea have helped Warren create what looks like to me a lifestyle brand that has huge global export potential and closer to home the brand has 91% awareness in UK homes which a lot of brands would be envious of.

The heritage of Battersea was something the charity wanted to highlight to us as their archivist showed us images of dogs and cats that were rescued from the 1800’s that form part of the huge portfolio of assets, with these being planned on being worked into their merchandising range.


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The product range looks great as well... I bet you didn’t know there was an ice cream for dogs! – Judes has a special Battersea ice cream which donates proceeds to Battersea for every carton sold. It’s delicious by the way and should get your tail wagging.

We also heard from Rosanna Cousins – Retail Manager of The Point 1888 who told us about successes such as the DTR Battersea has with M&S, as well as exciting product ranges launching this year in homewares, greeting cards & calendars, publishing and toys. They are also planning on bringing out kids ranges soon.

Warren and the team are also planning on Battersea products coming out for key dates in the calendar such as valentines day, mothers/fathers day and not just focusing around Christmas.

The product ranges were also clever in that they are now designed and marketed towards the Family buying a gift for their dog or cat’s rehoming 'gotcha day' or birthday, gifts for the family with the Battersea brand on them and products to help with rehoming dogs.


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So onto some key facts about Battersea, it was founded in 1860 by Mary Tealby and has three sites including Windsor and Brands Hatch. It helps home thousands of dogs and cats a year (non covid years 6-8k) but also offers educational support to trainee vets, behavioural training for dogs (and their owners!), and also has a world class veterinary centre. Battersea has also trained 1.85 million pet owners through the website and has helped 33 rescue charities globally awarding grants of £994k in 2021.

I also noticed that Battersea has done a brand partnership with king.com / Activision on a game called Pet Rescue with proceeds being donated to Battersea. This I think was a smart move as the statistics now show that the younger generation of 18-35 year olds are increasingly getting into pet ownership so Battersea’s brand awareness being targeted to that generation is a smart move. Also Battersea training the next generation to be kinder to Dogs and Cats is a wonderful thing.

Also to add to the buzz Paul O'Grady was filming ITV's For the Love of Dogs series 11 whi
ch comes out later this year. 

Warren Traeger will be presenting Battersea at Brands & Retail UK Summer conference on the 6th July at 1:30pm - 1:45pm.

And lastly sadly I wasn’t allowed to take ‘Patch’ home with me (below). He was waiting for his new owner to come and collect him after a long rehabilitation from the wonderful team at Battersea. 


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