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4th July - The Morning Screenings...

Magic Light Pictures - Jazwares - Spin Master - The Point1888
Warner Bros. Discovery - SEGA - Fundamentally Children - Lammy the Lamb
Amanda's Action Club - Little Rebels - Let's Go See...

4th July - The Afternoon Panels...

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Thank you to Brands Retail for organising a great conference. I had the pleasure to not only present key brand updates to current and potential partners but join a fabulous panel of industry experts Joel Silverman (kids know best), Tina-Louise Foster (Spin Master), Samantha Bourne (Jazwares) to discuss the toy business. The gala dinner was a lovely way to celebrate an end to a productive day!

Sarah Fletcher
VP Licensing

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4th July - Summer 23

Opening Speech and Updates


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Ryan Beaird - CEO Brands Retail UK

4th July - Summer 23

Magic Light Pictures


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Aidan Taylor-Gooby - 

Day Two


The Mattel Presentation

'Jon Spalding' - Mattel's new UK Head of Consumer Products for the UK introduced his new team to the audience. A really nice way to kick off their presentation. Mattel focused on their marketing timelines and showed us some behind the scenes production sizzles on their wonderful evergreen IP 'Thomas and Friends'.

The audience was given some He-Man and 'Monster High' updates and statistics around the brand which are huge.

Then we saw a glimpse into Barbie and especially the new movie. we obviously won't give anything away but this look fantastic and I bet Jon and his team are looking forward to that product range coming out.

Photo 19-01-2023, 10 03 18.jpg

Jon Spalding - Head of Consumer Products UK & EMEA

Day One 


The SEGA Presentation

It was great SEGA came back to give us more of an in-depth look at their huge iconic IP - Sonic.

Jason Rice the UK Licensing Director gave the audience the marketing plans and key dates for Sonic which showed us some plans they have which we would love to share with you but sadly can't.

Thanks to SEGA for supporting us again!.

Photo 18-01-2023, 15 47 54.jpg

Jason Rice - Director of Licensing

Day One 


The Retail Buyers Panel

Our review of the Retail Buyers panel is currently being written by our Retail Editorial and Moderator Julia Redman and will be available shortly.

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The Retail Buyers Panel - ASDA - - Boots

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